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We require a $300 nonrefundable deposit to hold your little angel until it is 8 weeks old. For deposits we accept Venmo, Zelle, a personal check or cash in person.


Boston Terriers R Lil Angels

David & Cecillia Cline


Date: ________________

Breeder (seller): David & Cecillia Cline of Boston Terriers R Lil Angels.

Buyer Name: _____________________________

Address: _________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________

The buyer agrees to obtain from the seller a Boston Terrier Puppy

Sex: ___________ Color: _______________

Date of birth: _____________________

For the amount of $ _____________ plus shipping of $ ______0.00

Total of $___________ Deposit of $___________ is required to hold the dog of choice.

This Breed comes from Boston Terriers R Lil Angels in Merced, CA.


Payment in full must be made prior to you taking ownership or shipping of the dog.

Health Guarantee: Puppy is guaranteed to not have birth or genetic defects. If puppy is found to have either, seller will exchange the puppy for another one from a future litter. There will be no refunds given. All sales are final. The seller certifies that upon receipt, the dog is in good health and has been immunized and wormed according to the accompanying health record of said Breed. And those conditions are excluded from any guarantee and are not valid to reject the puppy due to these conditions. The buyer agrees to have the dog examined by your veterinarian at your expense within 3 days from the date of possession or this contract is void. If the veterinarian does not give the dog a clean bill of health, buyer must notify the seller immediately. Seller reserves the right to have the dog reexamined by a veterinarian of our choice at buyers expense. Any condition that is minor, correctable, or a breed related minor condition is not covered and any condition which will go away as the puppy gets older is not covered. Health guarantee is only valid until the puppy reaches 12 months old from the date of birth. We do not cover your expenses. After the dog leaves our home, the buyer is responsible for all vet bills: including but not limited to, physicals, vaccinations, medications, blood test, x-rays, ultra sounds, necropsies, boarding etc. We do not cover your veterinary expenses. Buyer Initials:__________

We will not accept responsibility for any harm that comes to the dog once in your possession such as accidents, electrocution, heat related conditions or any other related actions. Seller does not guarantee against common ailments such as but not limited to Kennel cough, Giardia, Coccidiosis, Parasites, Ear mites, Fleas, Ticks, Demodex/Mange, Cherry eye, Testicular abnormalities, etc. These and other ailments can be contracted during or shortly after exposure, shipping, environment and stress; nor any known common defects of the brachycephalic breed like Boston Terriers. Other ailments such as soft palate, allergies, uneven bite, collapsed nostrils, loose hips and or knees, umbilical or inguinal hernias.

Buyer agrees they have educated themselves on the health conditions and problems associated with this breed.

Buyer Initials:___________

The buyer’s Responsibility: The buyer agrees to take good care of this dog, feed and house properly, maintain them up to date on shots. The dog’s outdoor area shall be safe and secure for the dog and everyone else. If the dog is found to be allowed to run freely and hence creating a public nuisance or found to be neglected, abused or allowed to live in poor health or conditions the Seller has all rights to repossession of this dog with no refund to Buyer. The death, injury or loss of said dog due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke or accident will not entitle the Buyer to any compensation from the Seller.

This dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion animal, and is being sold to a PET HOME ONLY. Buyer will receive CKC and/or AKC registration paperwork after buyer has proven to seller that puppy has been spayed or neutered between 6 to 9 months old. Buyer must provide certificate proving dog was spayed or neutered with a certificate from a licensed veterinarian. This puppy is not to be used for any other purpose or reasons No warranty is given to the Buyer for any special purpose or function of this dog. This dog is not to be used in any illegal or immoral activities.

Buyer Initials: ___________

Shipping: Upon signing this contract owner accepts all liability for puppy once seller drops it off at airport to be shipped. Puppy will be shipped through United Airlines UA Petsafe Shipping Program. Seller will provide shipping crate and health certificate for shipping. Full amount due for puppy must be paid prior to shipping.

Buyer Initials: _________

In the event the Buyer can no longer keep this dog for any reason, the Buyer agrees to offer to the seller the first chance to take this dog back. Buyer also agrees not to sell this dog to any retail company or establishment. Any changes to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. This contract is legal even if it is not notarized and may be enforced by legal means at the Buyers expense and all disputes must be settled in Merced County in the state of California.

Vaccinations were administrated on _______________. Puppy does not need any more vaccinations until ____________. Please DO NOT give puppy any vaccines, dewormer or flea/tick medicine for first 2 weeks puppy lives with you. If any of the above are administered within 3 weeks, contract will be null and void. A record of vaccinations will be sent home with puppy. Our puppies receive a Neopar vaccination at 6 weeks of age and a 5 in 1 Duramune Max vaccination at 8 weeks of age. Puppy will need 3 more rounds of vaccinations before fully vaccinated.


Buyer Initials:_______________

This is the entire agreement (3 pages) between the parties and is valid and agreed to by all parties. All parties have read and understood and agreed to this contract in full by signing below. If parties chose to use electronic signatures they are under the understanding that this is still a valid agreement.

Seller: ______________________________________

Date: _____________________

Buyer: _______________________________________

Date: _____________________                                       

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