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Welcome To The BTRLA Family

Home of California's Finest Boston Terriers!

About Us

We are a family of five who have developed a deep affection for a remarkable and devoted breed of dogs. Our journey with these delightful companions has been a love story in the making.

We take immense pride in tending to our beloved sires and dams, as well as our cherished little angels. Our precious puppies are nurtured within the confines of our home, surrounded by the warmth of our family. By the time they are ready to embark on their new adventures in loving homes, they are well-acquainted with social interactions and have enjoyed a life of indulgence. To us, these dogs and puppies are more than just pets; they are like members of our own family.

  • Do you offer support after adoption?
    We offer lifetime 24/7 breeder support.
  • Are your puppies vaccinated?
    All of our lil angels come with a one year, health, guarantee, up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed several times. All of our puppies are pre-treated for micro parasites, such as Giardia and coccidia
  • Do your puppies get checked by a veterinarian prior to adoption?
    All of our puppies have a thorough exam and come with a health certificate from our veterinarian. Each puppy has a thorough wellness exam from our veterinarian. The exam includes overall health and condition of the puppy, the puppies, weight, temperature, and condition of their skin coat. Our veterinarian checks, their soft spot, bite, and palate, nostrils, lymph nodes, knees, hips, heart and lungs. The veterinarian also checks for hernias, checks reflexes, vision, hearing, and muscles in the abdomen.
  • What is JHC?
    All of our lil angels are guaranteed to not be affected by JHC. Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts (JHC) in Boston Terriers refers to a genetic eye disorder characterized by the development of cataracts in the lenses of the eyes during the juvenile stage of a Boston Terrier's life.
  • Are your sires and dams registered?
    All of our sires and dams are fully registered and you lil angel will be too!
  • What's included in the puppy package?
    A blanket that’s been rubbed on mom and and litter mates to make transitioning a bit easier. A toy that’s also been rubbed on mom and litter mates. A leash and collar with a bell so if your lil angel hides in the house you can find them! A sample of our puppy food Vaccine and deworming record A copy of our health guarantee/contract
  • Things to do once you get your new puppy
    Once you get your new puppy, we highly recommend you keep your little angel on the same food for at least 30 days after going home with you. We highly recommend you follow up with a licensed veterinarian to continue pups vaccine and dewormings regimen. All of our puppies are crate trained and we recommend you continue crate training them for their safety.

See Our Adorable Boston Terriers

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